On the 5th of August 2022 the C.E.O. of SIDIL Group signed an MOA with the Nigerian Army to build Renewable Energy Gencos in all their barracks and cantonments nationwide. It’s been a 4 year effort/negotiations that’s finally been concluded. This gives us access to 107 locations nationwide. We looking at starting with 100MWp per state and Abuja. This will be phase 1 of the urban energy project which will add 3.7GWp of decentralised energy to the national capacity.

SIDIL Group’s phase 1 of the rural energy project will be providing power and bandwidth to rural communities that are part of the ongoing efforts to provide power to the unserved and underserved communities nationwide through rural distribution lines to be provided in partnership with REA. This will fast track power supply as well as sustainability using Green Hydrogen instead of batteries, which will tremendously reduce the risk that expired batteries present in the rural communities as there are no solution in place for safe recovery and recycling/disposal of batteries. This will create an ecosystem that will  improve lives in rural communities through job creation, poverty eradication, financial inclusion by banking the unbanked, improved education by bandwidth availability in rural schools and many more.

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