Alhaji Mohammed Madugu

Board Member

Personal Profile

Alhaji Mohammed Madugu is a multi-talented Chairman / Chief Executive Officer with more than 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry. He is a reputable industry captain with international experience in operations, strategy, transformation and business development. Mohammed has a reputation for thriving in competitive environments and developing high-value products and solutions. He is deep in the business of bringing back the Madugu business dynasty.

He is the founder of the following companies:

  • Madugu Cement Factory;
  • Madugu Refinery & Petrochemicals Co. Ltd;
  • Madugu Energies Ltd;
  • Madugu Biofuels Ltd;

He is the Co-founder and Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of Borticelli Nigeria Ltd, which was established in 2004.
He is fast unfolding as a reference point in nourishing ideas into flourishing and fast-growing business entities. He does not only generate ideas, but also knows how to bring them to life and build them into big cash-minting entities.

He has successfully nurtured Pavillion Petroleum Limited where he is the Chairman / C.E.O. and Madugu Energy Services and Drilling Limited into profit-gushing entities. This underscores his further venturing into services in the oil and gas industry, cement manufacturing, foods and beverages, and others, to build a conglomerate. The underpinning idea is to bring back the famous Madugu business dynasty.

Beyond passion, he is the spirit behind the 5,000-metric-tonnes capacity cement manufacturing company in Gombe state. A consummate industrialist, he is also into foods and beverages, sugar, flour and more.

His involvements in the oil and gas industry spans the downstream and upstream sectors that include exploration and production (E&P) in Nigeria.

Mohammed Madugu is exposed to the business environments and opportunities in Atlanta, USA, and other climes. In league with technical partners from Denmark and Norway, Pavillion Petroleum Limited was established in 2014. The company now bestrides the upstream sector with applications, drilling and upgrade of facilities. The company recently completed the upgrade of production from 4,000 barrels per day to about 30,000 barrels per day.

Mohammed has seen and created huge opportunities in facilities and materials improvement, development of workers, engineers, and much more. Not resting on his oars, he is still working with his partners to create other outlets, concentrating on the clean energy space.

Areas where Pavillion Petroleum and Madugu Energy and Drilling Services Company Limited are making a clear difference in the country’s energy value chain can easily be seen in fabrication, handling, and upgrading where they rank among the best in the country.

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